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April 6, 2017

It's been a busy, crazy sugar season! We have had a few big snow storms. March went out bringing us another foot of snow and April came in with the rest of it. When it snows in April, the weather is a little warmer and the snowflakes are bigger. We call it "sugar snow", which means that the sap will run - and run it did! The sap is still running and we are still making really delicious tasting syrup. And YES we still have snow!

Here it is going into the 2nd week of April and our fields are covered with at least a foot of snow. We still have the tracks on our 4-wheeler to get up into the woods. With the warmer temperatures expected next week (60 degree temps), the snow is sure to leave us (for good this time?!?) As for the mud - we sure do have that too!!

We will probably boil for another week or so as long as the cool temperatures hold out. The Grade A Dark that we are making now is really great tasting syrup.

April is a wonderful reawakening time of the earth here in Vermont. The blanket of snow just has to leave for everything underneath to emerge! Have a great month!

Cheers ~

Debe & John