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Sugar House News
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May, 2017

Where did April go - it just flew right by. We were busy finishing up with boiling (which ended fast with the warm 60 & 70 degree temperatures that the sap didn't like.) We made a wonderfully, delicious crop of Grade A Amber and Grade A Dark syrup this year. What great flavor!!

With our grandsons helping over their April vacation, we finished pulling all our taps. We really had to stretch up to reach some of those taps!! There must have been 3-4 feet of snow on the ground when we were tapping.

It is so nice in the woods this time of year with the birds coming back and the little wildflowers coming up. And it is nice to get everything all cleaned up before the nasty black-flies and mosquitoes come out to bite us.

Time to think about planting our gardens now. The daffodils and tulips look pretty. Have a wonderful spring. Support your local Little League teams!!!!!

Cheers ~

Debe & John