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Sugar House News
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March 13, 2017

March has come in fast and furious! It can be a strong, but forgiving month. We boiled straight for the first week and then it got very cold - too cold for the sap to flow. We had a little break, were able to get some of our syrup canned, and then the sap started to run again. Back to the sugar house we went to boil the sap again!!! Now, we are in the middle of March & another big snow storm is about to hit us. Finally when the temperature gets above freezing again, the sap will once again pound down the mountainside and we will be off & running. Oh, the life of a sugar maker in March!

It has been a really great sugar season so far. We have made about a third of a crop of our syrup and it's a really good tasting syrup at that!

Well, back to work! Have a sweet month!

Peace ~

Debe & John