Sugar House News

Sugar House News
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August, 2022

As you may have noticed, our maple syrup is now Certified Organic. Our retail prices have stayed the same for now. We are having some problems getting plastic containers. If you receive a syrup jug that isn't what is advertised on our website, it is because that's what we can get, however it is our delicious maple syrup in it! Hopefully things will straighten out soon.

It has been nice seeing so many familiar faces this summer. Thanks to everyone who has stopped at our shop, either on purpose or by chance. It's a nice ride through our beautiful town of Grafton. Everything is so green and lush right now.

Our gardens are bursting with veggies and keeping us from going to the grocery store (which is ok with me!) I love working in the garden, but it seems to be getting ahead of me now! We are watching the 2nd cut in the hay fields grow and are glad every time it rains. It has been a very dry summer.

Have a fun and safe month. Keep hydrated!

~ Debe & John