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Sugar House News
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September, 2021

This wonderful, colorful season of change is upon us. School has started and things are a little quieter around here. The leaves are starting to change color and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful foliage season.

The gardens are still producing lots of veggies but things are slowing down. The pumpkins are turning orange - a sure sign that fall is getting close. The barn swallows have left, adding to the quietness. George (our cat) can now cross the driveway without getting divebombed!

Haying season has been a challenge. With all the rain we've had this summer, it has been hard to get the hay baled. We are still working on our 2nd cutting.

Even though we had a short sugar season due to warmer then usual temperatures in April, we made some wonderful syrup and have all size containers in Grade A Amber and Grade A Dark. We usually have our yummy Maple Cream Spread on the shelves and we make our mouth-watering candy to order so that it 's fresh. Stop by our shop if you're in Grafton or you can order online.

Grafton is a beautiful town, especially in the fall!

Be safe,

Debe & John