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Sugar House News
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May, 2019

After a fast and busy sugar season, we have been in the woods pulling the taps out of the trees. Those wonderful maples have done their job well! We had a great season making a delicious crop of all grades of syrup.

The trees look healthy and the woods are alive with the sounds of birds and the sights of delightful wildflowers. For those of you who love wildflowers, we have been seeing tons of blooming Trillium (one of my favorite) and Lily of the Valley. There are some cute little yellow and purple flowers popping up around the maple trees. The frogs (the peepers) are singing their springtime song.

I'm totally looking forward to getting my garden planted. The garlic that I put in last fall is coming up and looking great!

Have a wonderful month and enjoy the warmth this month has to offer.

Happy Spring!!

Debe & John