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Sugar House News
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June, 2018

It seems that summer is truly coming to Vermont! We treasure every day of this wonderful season because we know it is a short one!

My vegetable gardens are all poking up and ready to burst upward. It is amazing to see how much they grow every day with the warm sunshine and the rain. I love it!

The hay fields are ready for their 1st cutting and now we just need a few days of sun (and no rain) to cut and bale and get some in the barn. I miss our horses. After having those majestic animals, who became part of our family, for over 30 years, it is hard not to see them out there in the field. We will always miss and remember Baby and Lady and all the other horses who have passed through our fields and barns.

Now that school is almost out, be careful with all those active kids out there! Have a great month planning some fun summer activities.


Debe & John